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This site was designed as an unofficial way for undergraduate music concentrators to share information about the department and experiences people have had in the concentration. It's hoped that this site will reduce the number of times second semester seniors are heard to exclaim, "There's an Early Instrument Room in the building?" I'm hoping that other concentrators will share stories of how they were able to actually get Finale to put notation into their papers, or what applying to grad school (or not applying to grad school) was like.

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No, not information for countertenors. This site will be most helpful for undergraduates at Harvard concentrating in music. However, there will be some information which will be beneficial to the whole department, to Harvard students outside the department, and probably to people interested in music in general. But the site itself is for concentrators; so this is not a good place for non-affiliates to ask for help with your Bartók paper.

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This page is now and will always be a work in progress. (No, no tacky under construction graphics here). Feel free to add to any of the pages with experiences and suggestions. This site is unofficial, so don't feel that you have to be completely subtle. Say, "This class always goes over, so don't take anything at 12," rather than, "The professor has slight difficulties with time management." But, it can't be totally unofficial, so be tactful (besides, it's nicer that way). Don't make comments that you'd be mortified to have traced back to you, especially if they're about people. That said, build this page and enjoy.

myke cuthbert
3 may 1997

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